Mr Nguyen Viet Anh

If you really want to make a movie you have to really love your job.

22/04/2020 |

Meeting Mr. Viet Anh for the first time, many students were suprised by the youthful personality and full of energry from the teacher.

Choosing to start the class with questions or stories associated with the content, Mr. Viet Anh has brought a joyful and inspiring atmosphere to help you reduce the pressure and shyness. to class. Many timid classmates also become more confident and now how to express more personality through works.

Sometimes, just one sentence from Mr.Viet Anh can be a great source of motivation to help the students change. "If I don't have to hear from him," I have to be confident that I can do it, "I don't think my team is determined to go to the end."

He has many years of experience in the industry with the positions of Editor, Director, Film Producer at 116 Pictures and many other projects at SYNC Studio, IDEO, ... Participating in many film projects "Story through film" , TVC advertised The Coffee House, TH True Milk, ... And currently, he is a lecturer at MAAC Academy.


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