Mr Do Quoc Trung

Cinema as a miracle of Language, Images and Sound.

22/04/2020 |

"When I was a child, he liked to tell and create stories with the materials around me. Older, I recognized cinema as a miracle with language, images and sound. It helped the storytelling be more interesting, lively and I can tell it to more people. That is how I started to learn about making films." 

Having tried in many fields such as Scriptwriter, Director, Actor, ... teacher Do Quoc Trung has won many valuable awards such as:

- Award for the best film by the audience at Yxine 2012 with the short film "Directly with Shu Qi".

- Best Southeast Asian Film Award at Cambodia Chatomuk Short Film Competition 2013 with short film "Banana Fish".

- Golden Award at REC Berlin Film Festival 2014 with short film "Close, Open, ..."

- Silver Kite Award - Vietnam Cinema Association 2016 with the short film "Uniform".

Meeting Mr.Do Quoc Trung for the first time , many students will mistake him with their classmates because of his handsome face and young personality. From the age of 22, the valedictorian of the University of Theater and Cinema has stepped into the lecture hall with a different position: Lecturer. In terms of age, he is probably the youngest but very passionate and inspiring. Students who are not serious in learning, he will be "expelled from class" to correct their morale immediately.


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