Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is a media and entertainment education brand of Aptech Ltd., a global learning solutions provider that commenced its education and training business in 1986.

MAAC has a network of 160 centers around the world and provides a platform for thousands of students to make a name for themselves in Media & Entertainment.

With the mission of creating an enchanting and engaging world of Media & Entertainment, MAAC Film & Animation Academy - MAAC offers you the opportunity to experience a dynamic, creative international learning environment; continuously improving professional skills and knowledge through interactive practical lessons with experienced experts.

MAAC's advanced curriculum and methods of learning give students a professional foundation, fostering a spirit of passion for learning, upgrading themselves, showing talent and honoring creativity. MAAC will be a reliable companion with you to conquer passion.

The Institute provides high quality, intensive and professional vocational training services in the following fields:

- 3D Animation

- Visual Effects

- Gaming

- Broadcast Design


And many other areas through practical skills-oriented courses that help meet the needs of the job.

To study at MAAC, you will experience the first steps before you enter:

- Performing the test called Cinegraphy in the field of film, animation in 40 minutes, the total score is 100.

- Interview with experts from MAAC Global to assess the relevance of the industry and the most career-oriented.

There are no special requirements. It is important that you have a creative spirit, imagination, desire to express yourself and serious learning, you absolutely can become an expert in the field of Animation, Gaming, VFX, ...

First, you will be supported by the Academy's advisors in introducing each discipline. Next, Indian experts will help prospective students determine the goals and desires to achieve. The entrance exam is also a testament to your ability.

English curriculum but teachers still support Vietnamese when needed. In addition, during the learning process, Vietnamese lecturers will provide necessary resources and textbooks in Vietnamese.

You absolutely can learn because there will be support from the Academy. But in the near future, you also need to improve your English skills, at least the ability to read documents because international projects and competitions require you a little English to make the work much easier.

The tuition at MAAC includes all course materials and licensing fees, with no extra costs during the course.

When you complete the courses at MAAC, you will receive a degree issued by Aptech India. This is a certificate of international nature, prestigious and accepted in many parts of the world. After getting your degree, you have many opportunities to work in different environments depending on your ability. Specifically:

- For 2-year courses are granted Advanced Diploma.

- For 1-year courses are granted Diploma.

- For other short-term courses (10 months, 6 months), they will be granted a Certificate.

The 2 years Advanced Diploma is self-transferable and connected with a number of universities such as MiddleSex University (London, UK) and many other schools in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand so that you can continue studying 1.5 - 2 years to earn an International Bachelor's degree at a reasonable cost. 

When having problems with the learning route, learning content, equipment, ... during the learning process, students are allowed to make recommendations to the University through feedback at each lesson. This feedback assesses student satisfaction, what needs support, and resolves. The Academy will record and make the best adjustments based on that feedback. In addition, the counseling department will provide maximum support in troubleshooting and advising parents / students when needed.

Your level of progress will be assessed based on the test results at the end of each module and the final test.

MAAC Academy supports job placement for students when completing the course. Every year, leading domestic and foreign studios, manufacturers, media & entertainment companies all need human resources trained by MAAC. Therefore, when you try to learn and show your ability, the recruitment units will prioritize that position for you.

Employment opportunities for male and female students are EQUAL. As long as you have passion and know how to pursue that passion.

* For those who have not completed the ADIM course (meaning that they have completed the first 3 semesters, do not owe any modules of the 3rd semester and drop out in the 4th semester at the Arena):

- You can join the MAAC Challenge program to have the opportunity to receive scholarships up to 50% from MAAC.

- You can retake the portal for the first term and pay a retest fee for the portal which is 20% of the tuition of the 1st term: $ 290 and 1,000,000 VND for the curriculum.


* For those who have completed the ADIM course:

You are exempted from studying HKI, HKII at MAAC. This means that you just need to study HKIII and HKIV and get an Professional Diploma. Only applicable for AD3DA, ADVFX courses at MAAC.

- From 16 years and up.

- Pass the entrance exam at MAAC.

- Complete admission procedures.

- An application form for admission

- 2 photos 4x6

- 1 ID card (copy)

- Highest degree or student card (copy)

- 1 copy of the CV (describes the process of working, studying) or personal works

- 1 curriculum vitae (certified)

- Tuition

0% credit program

MAAC Academy also has a link with VIB Bank to support students with tuition fees with 0% interest rate, very simple procedure, you only need to pay 30% in advance, then on average each month you pay only 2.2-4.2 million, you can look through this form always, need more information any more inbox MAAC will answer more for you always.

Depending on your area of ​​interest, passion and career plan, you can choose to take courses in Animation, Visual Effects, Broadcast Design, Gaming,...

In addition to class time, MAAC also carries out many activities to prepare students to become successful professionals in the fields of Animation, VFX, Broadcast Design,... In addition, MAAC is the first and only Academy of Animation has a team of experts working all year round to organize events to give students the opportunity to show their skills and interact directly with the experts.

Differences of MAAC compared to other training centers:

1. Basic and intensive training program.

Many centers have sprung up but they only teach a small part or software like Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Premiere, ... individually.

2. Output quality

MAAC Academy guarantees the quality of output for you. When you finish studying, you will be introduced to reputable companies in the world like Bombus VN, SPARX, ... Depending on the capacity of each individual, after graduation you will receive different salaries. .

With other centers, after completing the training, you will have to go through more training courses of the company to be able to continue.

3. High quality learning service

With computer systems and specialized software for the industry are always available to serve the needs of continuous practice for students.

The first studio for VFX in Vietnam that no school in Vietnam has.

Trainers at MAAC are trained by international experts in the industry. Moreover, lecturers who are well-known in the industry should understand the needs of the market, the recruitment requirements to coordinate with international experts in the curriculum and learn closely to meet practical needs, the recruitment requirements of the market.

In addition to the regular lessons at the Academy, students are also free to choose additional practice hours (unlimited number of hours) with the support of tutors.

Remember to book the practice schedule at the Training Room and get detailed instructions.

Basically, Animation is the art of using technical measures to make drawings look like they are moving. The animation industry in Vietnam and internationally is growing and growing fast day by day. This is a big market for animation, advertising campaigns, ...

VFX, or Visual Effects, is a way of blending true-to-life video with images created using tools, software or animated images. For example, a movie featuring a hero jumping off the ground and flying into the air was created using VFX. Almost every movie today uses great applications from VFX.

The most obvious difference between these two types of animation is the three-dimensional feature or the appearance of depth. 2D animation is created by drawing almost every frame of animation and is the basis of 3D animation. 3D animation was created by changing the position and position of the 3D models that were created. It is deeper and more realistic, it is a series of images created by computer or any other digital media.

The animation industry is growing at a rapid pace and needs a large number of well-trained professionals. The job skills required in the animation field can be divided into two main categories:

1. Technical skills

2. Soft skills

The skills of drawing, arranging and applying related software to express the moods and emotions of the characters are skills that can be done through 3D animation training programs (AD3DA) of MAAC Academy.

Animation industry is a career choice that is emerging quickly at this time with a "terrible" salary. Many major studios and companies such as Walt Disney, Sony Pictures & Turner Entertainment continuously produce animated films, TV commercials and computer games. After training, you can:

- Modeling Artist

- Character Animator

- FX Artist

- Compositor

- Motion Graphics Artist

- Match Moving Artist

- Lighting Artist

- Render Artist

- Layout Artist

- Digital Sculptor

- Rigging Artist

- Roto & Clean-up Artist

- Video Editor

MAAC courses are for students as well as experienced industry professionals. As such, the courses are always flexible for choosing a time. Many MAAC students are still working full-time or attending concurrently at universities and colleges.

To facilitate the schedule, MAAC Academy gives you the flexibility to manage your work and study, while attending MAAC classes fully and completing the course properly. duration.

MAAC conducts training on the latest software versions used in Animation & VFX worldwide.

Some leading software learned:

- Autodesk 3ds Max

- Autodesk Maya

- Autodesk Matchmover

- Autodesk Mudbox

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe After Effects

- Adobe Premiere

- Final Cut Pro

- Eyeon Fusion

VFX is a way of blending true-to-life video with images created by tools, software or animated images. For example, a movie featuring a hero jumping off the ground and flying into the air was created using VFX. Almost every movie today uses great applications from VFX.

VFX experts create special effects, animations and images for movies and commercials.

After completing this course, you can get some of the following jobs:

- Compositor

- Camera Tracker

- Match Moving Artist

- FX Artist

- Motion Graphics Artist

- Matte Painter

- Clean-up Artist

- BG Prep Artist

- VFX Generalist

- Stereoscopy Artist

- Video Editor

- Pre-Viz Artist

- Roto Artist

- Paint Artist


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