MAAC Academy offers career-oriented programs in the field of Media & Entertainment through intensive courses, field trips to famous studios and many extracurricular activities, Talkshow, specialized Workshop , ...

MAAC understands the essential needs of the industry and is reputable for studios, businesses, ... need human resources corresponding to the field. Therefore, all training programs focus on deepening expertise and sticking to the actual requirements of the industry.


There are many centers and schools specializing in 3D Animation, VFX, Broadcast Design, but a common situation between new graduates and businesses is to re-train from the beginning because most of you study part. small or not much deep training, practice. To overcome the requirements of human resource recruitment, MAAC Academy implemented:

The program of professional, intensive training, closely following the needs of the profession. Constantly updated the latest skills and techniques. Willingness to bring job opportunities for students while still studying in the school chair if they are qualified and pass the challenges of employers. Organize many international competitions to create a launch pad for students.


  • The MAAC entrance exam always has an interview with experts and the director of the Academy to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Since then offer the best learning support solutions for each student.
  • Lectures are veteran experts in the industry who directly guide and impart knowledge so that students can develop their full creativity as well as discover and nuture undiscovered talents. 
  • Throughout the year, we organize events to share knowledge, seminars, contests, extra-curricula, etc. so that students have the opportunity to interact, learn and expand relationships with new friends and passion, mesmerizing. 
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