1. Sign up for advice:
- You fill out the application form (here).
- MAAC will proactively contact you to schedule a free face-to-face consultation, visit the school, get a schedule to take the entrance exam.

2. Registration for entrance exams:

There are two forms of enrollment as follows:

- Regular admission:

With this method, the candidates take part in the entrance examination for placement. Candidates register to take two subjects in English and Cinegraphy. Both exams are scored on a 100-point scale.

+ Cinegraphy (40 minutes): Check the candidates' interest in the field of film, ability to observe, think and express ideas.

+ English (30 minutes): Multiple choice test of reading comprehension ability, not listening and speaking ability.

- Admission through the MAAC Challenge Scholarship to have the opportunity to receive scholarships up to 50% of tuition.

With this form. Candidates submit their portfolio and interview directly with experts at MAAC Academy.

3. Admission procedures:

After receiving the exam results, students proceed to admission procedures at the Academy. Admission documents, including:

+ 04 4x6 cm photos (put in small envelopes, clearly stating your full name and date of birth outside the envelope and behind the photo).

+ 01 ID card photo.

+ 01 copy Highest degree.

+ 01 curriculum vitae certified by a parent or local agency.

+ Registration form directly taken at the admissions office.

+ Report card

+ Complete tuition.

4. Receive learning materials

Study materials and student-specific gifts (sketch book, pencil, t-shirt, badge, class schedule) will be given on the first day of school. In particular, the study and examination regulations and study support tasks will be specifically guided on the opening day.

5. Official study at MAAC

The Academy will send the schedule details via individual student's email. Therefore, students need to check the email regularly to know the schedule.

Did you find the necessary information?